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[О НАС ПИШУТ] A group of young russian students visites the Platform

Источник http://www.unige.ch/droit/eau/en/actus/2018/28-february-2018-a-group-of-young-russian-students-visites-the-platform/

28 February 2018 - A group of young russian students visites the Platform



28 February 2018 - For the second in as many years, a group of young students from various universities in Russia visited the Faculty of Law, Platform for International Water Law of the University of Geneva. The students were on a week-long education tour in Geneva, where they visited United Nations's organizations and other international organzations in Geneva.

At the University of Geneva, the students were welcomed by Mara Tignino, who gave a lecture on the role of international water law in preventing and solving water conflicts, and presented the work of the Geneva Water Hub. The course was followed by a training on conflict analysis provided by Billy Batware, a certified trainer on the topic. The group was led and organized by Marat Shafigullin, the Head of the NGO Eurasian Club System.

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